Charming, delightful, and sure to be a hit with reluctant readers

    “Kids spend so much of their lives being told what to do that getting to choose is irresistibly appealing… The plot is engaging, the setting well-described, the dangers vivid, plus the Bonus Quest at the end is a treat. The story is kid-appropriate but still entertaining for the adults.”

    5 Star Rating

    “Lots of fun for parents and kids!”

    “My 6 year old had grown tired of bedtime books, but this was a game changer! He loved the fact that he could choose what to do next! He’s asking about the sequel already.”

    5 Star Rating

    “An exciting, interactive book where you choose the story!”

    “Read this book twice already with my almost 8 year old. He loved making his own route through the book and loved even more that each read had a different way. He can’t wait to see how many routes he can find out!”

    5 Star Rating

    “Finally a book that has made my son excited about reading!”

    “This is a real adventure story that engaged my son straight away. The fact that he could determine which action the lead character took next gave him added excitement. We’ve already read the book 3 times just so he could see what would happen if he made different choices! Highly recommended for adventurous minded kids!”

    5 Star Rating

    A hugely fun and exciting, rip-roaring adventure! Perfect for fans of pirate stories and adventures.

    “I found this a really great way of experiencing risk-taking and decision-making and it led to great discussions between us about the consequences of decisions and actions taken. There was also a sense of accomplishment when my son was able to complete the challenge set.”

    5 Star Rating


    Adventure Quest Books are a series of interactive books (sometimes referred to as ‘gamebooks’) aimed at children aged 6 – 10. Each quest in the series is standalone and so the books can be read in any order.

    In each book the reader takes control of a different character on an exciting quest, set in a land of magic, dragons, sword-fighting, pirates and more…

    The reader will have to make frequent choices, all of which have an impact on how the story progresses. They will have to decide which route to take, which characters to help, and which monsters to fight.

    Each book has multiple routes to success and, once finished, can be played again and completed via a different route.

    No dice, pens or paper required.

    Just the book and your imagination.

    “When I was a teenager, I used to read the amazing Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. I wanted to create something better suited for a younger audience yet retained the same level of danger, excitement and adventure…”

    Creator of Adventure Quest


    Matt Whelan grew up near Chester, North West England.

    At the age of ten, his father handed him a copy of The Lord of the Rings, which he spent the next two years reading (with the help of a dictionary).

    This kicked off a long-lasting love of the fantasy genre. Wanting to share this passion with his own children, he created an interactive fantasy adventure which was accessible to his six-year-old son and hence, Adventure Quest was born.

    When not writing, he can be found spending time with his wife and two young children or throwing a ball for his dog, Alfie.

    His other main passion is FPL (Fantasy Premier League) and he has written a book (FPL Obsessed: Tips for Success in Fantasy Premier League) on this topic.

    Matt also writes a blog (The Wonky Writer) about how he became an independent author and providing tips on self-publishing.

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